All you need to know about Martingale Betting System

Learn how to use Martingale Betting System Step-by-Step

The martingale betting system is a progressive system and one of the oldest betting systems in the world. Initially was used only in casinos and later on sports bettors started using this system.

What is Martingale Betting System and why is related to gambling?

This system is well known in the roulette gambling industry but it is not that successful as if you apply it on sports betting.

The odds for this systems need to be around 2,00 (1/1) single bets or even accumulator bets type. The most important things that you have to keep in mind before using Martingale betting system is that you need to be patient, do your research well before placing your bets and to have a huge and stable bankroll.

Take your time and be patient before you learn how to use the Martingale betting system!

How does Martingale Betting Strategy work?

Martingale betting system is based on doubling your stake every time you lose a bet and keep doubling your stake until you win. Your profit will be the initial stake which you started with. It’s preferable to use smaller odds in an accumulator type of bet in order for you to manage to make a big profit at the end of this system.

When you use Martingale Betting Strategy, things can get out of hand if you lose too many bets, that is why before you start this system you need to have enough bankroll to prevent losing all your money.

I will show you an example starting with £1.00 initial stake.

STEP 1 Bet 1 – Stake £1.00 = Lost
STEP 2 Bet 2 – Stake £2.00 = Lost
STEP 3 Bet 3 – Stake £4.00 = Lost
STEP 4 Bet 4 – Stake £8.00 = Lost
STEP 5 Bet 5 – Stake £16.00 = WON
You have now £1.00 profit. (So, we go back to the first step = £1.00)
STEP 1 Bet 1 – Stake £1 = WON
(We won again. It means we go on to the first step)
If you will lose until 8th Bet, your total wager will be £255 (£1+£2+£4+£8+£16+£32+£64+£128).

Losing 8 in a row sounds hard to believe that can happen but is not impossible and I am sure it can happen even to well-experienced punters in the long term so my advice for you is to be careful.

Can I really make money with Martingale Betting Strategy? (Case Study)

If you expect a sincere answer from me than this is it:


Why I’m saying this?

Look down and analyze this table

In this 20 steps try-out, you can see that the total profit is +4 units.

Which is very GOOD I say.

My advice for you is to AVOID to use Martingale betting system for roulette and bellow you can see why I say this:

This case study is just a particular one, but in any case ( I must underline and repeat myself) you can’t lose more than you have planned to lose!!! (which is ideal in all that it means gambling awareness! )

Of course, the PROFIT made by following this betting system depends entirely on the bettor skills, betting knowledge and the sports events he chooses to bet on.

You have the money to invest in this system, but you don’t have enough time to do the research or you are too emotional when it comes to choosing the right selections to bet on, then…

I can help you by doing the research and give you the best options.

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