Best winning NBA Betting Strategy

Top Winning NBA Basketball Betting Strategy You Should Try

Betting can be very hard and complicated even if you are an experienced bettor or a beginner. Questions like: What sport is better to bet on? What sports betting is easier to predict? From our experience, we discovered that NBA is something you should stop and take a look better to understand how it’s working.

Of course, you have a lot of options to bet on NBA matches, but today I want to stop and try to explain a winning NBA basketball betting strategy that I tried lately and I discover is safe and easy to use.

Why should you try this winning NBA betting system?

Before I start explaining this NBA betting system, I have to tell you that you can win and make a profit, but you need to follow the steps and guidelines below. As a summary of what’s all about with this system is that you will place your bets on one team that will win at least one game when it’s playing away against a team from a different conference.

Statistics show that when a team plays 3 games away against teams from a different conference, it is likely that this team to win at least one out of three and according to my research this strategy has 95% win rate and I think this is a solid reason you should try this winning NBA basketball betting strategy.

First I will explain how things will go and how to place your bets in case you lose. This system is a progressive system, similar to Martingale system. You have three bets and you will place your stakes progressive. At the end of this three bets you should have a profit, otherwise, you have to stop.

How to pick the perfect match or teams to use for this strategy?

  • check the NBA schedule and write down all series where a team will be playing at least 3 consecutive matches away with a team from a different conference.
  • the team you write down that will play three consecutive matches should also have a strong away game.
  • try to find a team that is in the first half of the away standings.
  • set your stake that you want to bet on the selected team and profit that you want to make;
  • now, you are ready to go.

 How to make the bets and how to manage your bankroll during this strategy?

There will be 3 value steps you will make and you will increase your stakes if you lose bet 1 and bet 2:

  • STEP 1: place your initial stake that you consider right for you in order to make a profit of £100 for instance. Think also in advance and be sure you have enough money into your account to start a progressive betting system. If you win you will make a profit and stop betting on this series. But if you lose go to bet 2.
  • STEP 2: set your stake for bet 2 keeping in mind the money you lost on bet 1. That means you need to make up for your loss and also if you win to have a profit. If bet 2 will also be a lost bet then the final step is bet 3.
  • STEP 3: place your final bet to recover your lost money in the first two bets.

In case you lose also bet 3 then you need to consider the bet lost and start a new series of bets. But if you follow my steps and do your research well enough this will not be the case. I am telling you this because betting industry can be tricky and hard sometimes if you don’t do your research well enough. If you are a beginner then I recommend that you follow my betting tips or any other experienced bettor that you trust.


We check the NBA schedule and we see that Houston Rockets(which is in the top 3 best teams in away games) will be playing away against Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks. We see that Cleveland Cavaliers plays very good at home, but I cannot say the same for New York Knicks or Atlanta Hawks and this is very good. My goal is to make £100 profit after this series. 

I check the odds for the game Cleveland Cavaliers v Houston Rockets at the best bookmaker for NBA betting and I see that I can get a profit of £100 if I set the stake to bet at £25.

Unfortunately, the game ended with Cleveland Cavaliers win and with -£25 in my pocket. But in order to achieve my goal I had to stick to my plan.

So now I have to set my stake for my second bet on Houston Rockets winning against NY Knicks. I see that Bet365 offer the biggest odds for this event, somewhere around 1/1 (2,00 decimal). So the math is easy now.

I have to bet £125 in order to get a profit of £125 (£25, the stake for bet1 + £100, my goal).

The first big news was that the match ended as I expected with Houston Rockets making me a final profit of £100! The second big news was that I didn’t have to place the bet 3 for Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets, in order to achieve my goal.


In conclusion:

  • choose a team that will play the next 3 games away against teams from a different conference;
  • stop after a win and wait for another series to come along;
  • set your stakes to recover your previous losses and to make a profit also;
  • don’t bet more than three steps, just like I said above.

Where to back this winning NBA basketball betting strategy?

Today you have a variety of bookmakers to choose from. My advice is after you pick your bookmaker you need to stay connected and loyal in order to be rewarded and grow your account bankroll. In our case, if you are looking to start betting on NBA and US Sports in general, my opinion is that Unibet is the place where you have the best options to place your bets. Unibet has a variety of markets to bet on.


Even if I repeat myself is good to know that you need to be sure you have enough money in your account before starting this progressive winning NBA basketball betting strategy.


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